4-er Set / Oregano, Thymian, Rosmarin – je 40 gr. + Fleur de Sel 200 gr.

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Simply top class!

In Monemvasia, in the southwest of the Peloponnese, this top oil is extracted at below 21 C and immediately filtered! With an acidity of 0.21 and a biophenol value of 439 mg/kg , this should be one of the most outstanding oils in Greece!

Kostas, the qualified engineer who operates the mill, has many years of experience in Tuscany. He is almost every second over the top modern MORI system. But what makes this oil so special?

It starts with the trees, which are cared for with the utmost care - easier said than done!

The harvest is done exclusively by hand.

Only olives that are green, healthy and still hanging on the tree are processed - not always a matter of course.

The small but ultra-modern MORI mill is located in the grove and is only used for its own olives - a unique advantage. Transport of the olives in refrigerated vehicles, as temperatures are still high in Monemvasia at harvest time.

After the olives are washed, they are dried before being fed into the crasher. This means that less of the unwanted lactic acid forms in the paste.

Processing several times a day, max. within 3 hours - possible in the rarest of cases.

Extraction - temperature max. 21 C without air contact in vertical kneading machines - that's cold pressed! This only works if the modeling clay is in the malaxer for only 12 minutes, as is the case here.

Immediate filtering with filter plates


Over a piece of feta or a good buffalo mozzarella, just as dreamy as over vegetables or simply over a boiled potato with coarse sea salt and oregano. The art lies in the simplicity!

And another of the many possibilities that may sound strange: you should confidently take a teaspoon of this oil every morning!